Posted By Joan Wambui (Environmental Activist, Kenya)

If clean Environment 🌳 was a WiFi hotspot zone, believe me we would all maintain it clean to the latter 😉

Joan Wambui

Let’s talk about it. Ever wondered the dangers imposed to the Environment once these waste materials are disposed aimlessly to the Environment?🤔

1. When this stray animals such as pigs and goats go to find something to eat at the dumpsites and come across this waste materials <pads> , they may consume them and mist of then may be the plastic paper wrappers. They end up clogging the organs and lead to poor circulation of blood or even sometime may lead to death. We are the reason for the extinction of our biodiversity 😔

2. When this pads are washed away by water to the drainage, they end up blocking trenches later there will be accumulation of stagnant water and the result? Bad odour and breeding zone for mosquitoes 😔

Be the Relief to a Mother today…..


3. Plastic paper wrappers are non biodegradable. Meaning they do not decompose and they are environmental hazard😏

4. Our Environment should be maintained with the beauty it deserved and disposing this pads leads to ugliness of the Environment. We can do better 🤔 cleanliness is second to Godliness😁❤️. Just you know, blood is sacred whether traditionally or religiously, blood is sacred😏

Everyone’s task at hand is to collect all improperly disposed plastic paper wrappers around our homes and dispose them properly. Remember dispose off all used pads in the best way possible and conserve our Environment ❤️


Published by Wilmat Development Foundation (WDF)

Wilmat Development Foundation (WDF), founded in 2014, is a non-profit youth-led organization that focuses on empowering underprivileged communities in Uganda, EA. The organization was found with the aim of building resilient and self-reliant communities through practical skills for sustainable livelihood. We believe that investing in under-privileged people changes the world for generations to come. The foundation seeks to uplift the standards of living of people with programs directly targeting youth, women and children by focusing on the areas of advocacy, livelihoods and research and by placing people at the forefront of sustainable development. Our mission Empower underprivileged communities with practical skills for sustainable livelihoods. Our vision To build resilient and self-reliant communities. Focus areas: - Livelihood - Advocacy - Research For More Information Check out www.wdfug.org

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