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Enriching Communities Together

Every community member has the energy to Enrich and transform their Lives with necessary training delivered to them through experienced Facilitators.

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Posted By Joan Wambui (Environmental Activist, Kenya) If clean Environment 🌳 was a WiFi hotspot zone, believe me we would all maintain it clean to the latter 😉 Joan Wambui Let’s talk about it. Ever wondered the dangers imposed to the Environment once these waste materials are disposed aimlessly to the Environment?🤔 1. When this stray animals suchContinue reading “DANGEROUS EFFECTS OF IMPROPER DISPOSAL OF USED PADS AND WRAPPERS”

COVID-19 Relief Drive – Wilmat Development Foundation (WDF)

As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, governments, businesses, and individuals are trying to work out what it means for them, how to protect themselves and how they can help. In many ways, Wilmat Development Foundation is an embodiment of remote work already. In ordinary times, our community enjoys an engagement that allowsContinue reading “COVID-19 Relief Drive – Wilmat Development Foundation (WDF)”

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